Petabis™ Organics

Petabis™ Organics is a Colorado based company specializing in USDA Certified Organic & Human Grade CBD PCR (Phyto-Cannabinoid Rich) Hemp Oils, Snacks, Topical Salves, Shakers, Capsules & Hemp Heart Treat for dogs, cats, small animals and horses. From start to finish, we are natural. We are passionate about providing potential layered, natural, health benefits and cutting edge CBD wellness solutions to help improve the quality of life for the pets we love.

We proudly offer Pure CBD Rich, non-isolate products, utilizing a revolutionary, patented water vapor extraction process, which produces the highest naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoid counts on the planet. We are a fully sustainable, zero waste, near zero energy and year round planting, harvesting and manufacturing facility, including 100,000 square feet of green house and 5 acres of field grown CBD varietals. We are proudly the only company in Colorado to offer a truly end-to-end USDA Certified Organic operation.

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Phone: (877) 723-4468
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Colorado Springs, CO 80908

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