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Asterisk (*) = Our company does not represent these lines in Canada.

* Coastal Pet Products: The #1 choice for Nylon and Leather collars, leads & restraining equipment. Coastal also offers Chain and Cable products under the “Titan” label; a wide variety of Grooming products under the “Safari” label, as well as “Advance” label Puppy Training Pads & Waste Management products.  In 2015, Coastal acquired the Bergan lines of Travel Accessories, Feeding & Storage Products and Cat Toys

Ethical Products / Fashion Pet: The “Non-Stop Innovator” and #1 line of Pet Accessories, including Dog Toys (including the Best Selling Skinneeez brand), Cat Toys, LED Products, Ceramic and Stainless Steel bowls & dishes, “Handi-Drink”  and “Fashion Pet”; the #1 line of Pet Apparel in the United States.  In 2015, Ethical has added a line of stylish and affordable Pet Beds under the "Sleep Zone" brand name

Oxbow Animal Health:  The Leader in Premium All-Natural Products for Small Animals.  From 6-Varieties of Hay to Fortified Foods and Treats (including a "Certified Organic" product line).  "New" Natural Science was developed to further improve the health of our Small Pets.  “Trust those who know; Trust Oxbow”

Bio-Groom: Exceptional All Natural Pet Care Products.  Bio-Groom has been the Professional Groomer's choice brand for Shampoos, Conditioners, Flea & Tick and Finishing products for over 30 years.  More recent additions in the Wellness category gives this Top Selling brand even more "ask for" products

Treat Planet / Etta Says: Treat Planet is feel good, dog lovin’ company based in Saint Louis, Missouri. We create natural, healthy, eco-friendly pet products with a hip sensibility, made right here in the USA. Our customers expect nothing less than the best and that’s what we deliver. Treat Planet is family of companies sold under three brand names: Etta Says, Hare the Dog, and Snicky Snaks.

Horsemen's Pride / Jolly Pets: Sturdy “rotation molded” plastic toys & stable accessories, including “Jolly Balls” for horses and dogs, provide enrichment and cure boredom. Durable Rubber dog toys and Unique Plush "Tug-a-Mals" and are great for all sizes of Dogs

HomeoPet: The only FDA Approved Homeopathic remedies for all kinds of Health issues or Stress-related problems with Dogs, Cats and Horses.

Fluker Laboratories: The premier complete line of Reptile and Cricket foods, health care, lighting & heating and accessories from the most respected name in the business. Recent additions include a complete Hermit Crab product line

Pet Factory: The leading MFG of "Made in the USA" Rawhide.  Also imports specialty rawhides and treats from Mexico and Asia.

Tevra Brands: Offers a variety of patented and affordable insecticides for Dogs & Cats under the Vetality label, as well as innovative treats, chews and training pads for Dogs

Petabis™ Organics: Supported by 50 years of veterinarian and herbalist expertise, our CBD PCR (Phyto-Cannabinoid Rich) Hemp Oil products and hemp heart wellness products are carefully formulated to help your pet not only experience improved quality of life, to potentially offer antioxidant disease reparative and preventative therapeutics to help promote longevity and to help your pet thrive.

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  • Coastal Pet Products
  • Bergan Products
  • Ethical Products Spot
  • Ethical Products / Fashion Pet
  • Oxbow Animal Health
  • Treat Planet
  • Bio-Groom Natural Pet Care Products
  • Jolly Pets
  • Horsemen's Pride
  • HomeoPet Natural Solution Products - homeopathic pet remedies
  • Fluker Laboratories
  • Pet Factory - Rawhide Treats
  • Petabis™ Organics
  • Vetality Tevra Brands
  • Boss Dog Brands
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