Manufacturer Literature

Manufacturers catalogs and sell sheets are excellent sources for detailed product information.

Coastal Pet Products

2017 Best of Merchandising Displays 2017 Best of Merchandising Displays (9822 KB)

2017 Coastal Pet Catalog 2017 Coastal Pet Catalog (32214 KB)

2018 Coastal Catalog 2018 Coastal Catalog (20682 KB)

2018 Fall Supplement 2018 Fall Supplement (5406 KB)

2018 Remington Catalog 2018 Remington Catalog (5103 KB)

2018 Wolfgang Catalog 2018 Wolfgang Catalog (3943 KB)

Coastal Toy Catalog Coastal Toy Catalog (9839 KB)

Drop Ship Brochure Drop Ship Brochure (999 KB)

Ethical Products | Spot, Fashion Pet

2017 Ethical Full Line Catalog 2017 Ethical Full Line Catalog (62781 KB)

2017 Fashion Pet Catalog 2017 Fashion Pet Catalog (15149 KB)

2017 New Items 2017 New Items (12027 KB)

2017 POG Catalog 2017 POG Catalog (1941 KB)

2017 Sleep Zone Beds Brochure 2017 Sleep Zone Beds Brochure (8867 KB)

2018 Fashion Pet Catalog 2018 Fashion Pet Catalog (8897 KB)

2018 SPOT Catalog 2018 SPOT Catalog (147894 KB)

2018 SPOT Holiday Catalog 2018 SPOT Holiday Catalog (10723 KB)

2018 SPOT New Products Catalog 2018 SPOT New Products Catalog (33859 KB)

2018 SPOT POG Catalog 2018 SPOT POG Catalog (9092 KB)

2018 SPOT SleepZone Beds Catalog 2018 SPOT SleepZone Beds Catalog (7126 KB)

Clean Paws Presentation Clean Paws Presentation (6976 KB)


Chinchilla Care Sheet Chinchilla Care Sheet (847 KB)

Eat Hay Eat Hay (305 KB)

Eco-Straw Eco-Straw (1320 KB)

Garden Select Sell Sheet Garden Select Sell Sheet (1252 KB)

Guinea Pig care Sheet Guinea Pig care Sheet (953 KB)

Hamster Care Sheet Hamster Care Sheet (1063 KB)

Harvest Stacks Sell Sheet Harvest Stacks Sell Sheet (555 KB)

Hay Blends Sell sheet Hay Blends Sell sheet (1684 KB)

Hay Variety Hay Variety (1445 KB)

Organic Bounty Sell Sheet Organic Bounty Sell Sheet (4825 KB)

Oxbow Culture Oxbow Culture (3361 KB)

Oxbow Product Catalog Oxbow Product Catalog (5137 KB)

Poof Chinchilla Dust Poof Chinchilla Dust (821 KB)

Rabbit Care Sheet Rabbit Care Sheet (976 KB)

Rat Care Sheet Rat Care Sheet (898 KB)

Timothy Club Timothy Club (2046 KB)

Why Oxbow? Why Oxbow? (623 KB)


2015 BioGroom Catalog 2015 BioGroom Catalog (6054 KB)

Ear Care Center Ear Care Center (6563 KB)

Full Counter Display Full Counter Display (6483 KB)

Treat Plant / Etta Says

2017 New Chews 2017 New Chews (1622 KB)

New Etta Says POS New Etta Says POS (1283 KB)

Rabbit Jerky POS Sell Sheet Rabbit Jerky POS Sell Sheet (358 KB)

Treat Planet Catalog Treat Planet Catalog (6295 KB)

Treat Planet Displays Treat Planet Displays (2025 KB)

Treat Planet Training Treat Planet Training (4895 KB)

Horsemen's Pride | Jolly Pets

2017 Planogram Options 2017 Planogram Options (1619 KB)

Flex-n-Chew Sell Sheet Flex-n-Chew Sell Sheet (222 KB)

Horsemens Pride Catalog Horsemens Pride Catalog (6658 KB)

Jolly Pets Catalog Jolly Pets Catalog (17050 KB)

Fluker Laboratories

2018 Fluker Product Catalog 2018 Fluker Product Catalog (5222 KB)

Crafted Cuisine Sell Sheet Crafted Cuisine Sell Sheet (9980 KB)


Bar Code Brochure for Displays Bar Code Brochure for Displays (8012 KB)

Healing Cream Brochure Healing Cream Brochure (295 KB)

HomeoPet Color Brochure HomeoPet Color Brochure (830 KB)

HomeoPet Equine Brochure HomeoPet Equine Brochure (4069 KB)

HomeoPet Sell Sheets HomeoPet Sell Sheets (19161 KB)

Information Handouts Information Handouts (188 KB)

Storm Stress Brochure Storm Stress Brochure (3547 KB)

TFLN Sell Sheet TFLN Sell Sheet (1754 KB)

Verde Brochure Verde Brochure (235 KB)

Verde Canine Calming Verde Canine Calming (1647 KB)

Verde Canine Digestive Plus Verde Canine Digestive Plus (2306 KB)

Verde Canine Hip & Joint Verde Canine Hip & Joint (2304 KB)

Verde Canine MultiVitamin Verde Canine MultiVitamin (2562 KB)

Pet Factory

2018 Pet Factory Catalog 2018 Pet Factory Catalog (13105 KB)

Benefits of USA Rawhide Benefits of USA Rawhide (335 KB)

Original Natural Chews Original Natural Chews (462 KB)

Pet Factory Bulk Displays Pet Factory Bulk Displays (1537 KB)

Pet Factory Display Programs Pet Factory Display Programs (2796 KB)

Manufacturers & Brands

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  • Coastal Pet Products
  • Bergan Products
  • Ethical Products Spot
  • Ethical Products / Fashion Pet
  • Oxbow Animal Health
  • Treat Planet
  • Bio-Groom Natural Pet Care Products
  • earthbath
  • Horsemen's Pride
  • Jolly Pets
  • Fluker Laboratories
  • HomeoPet Natural Solution Products - homeopathic pet remedies
  • Petabis™ Organics
  • Pet Factory - Rawhide Treats
  • Boss Dog Brands
  • Vetality Tevra Brands
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