Oxbow “Garden Select” Fortified Diets

Using 3 varieties of grass hay (Western Timothy, Orchard and Oat Hay) to support their philosophy of small animal needs for variety and meal enrichment, Oxbow has created their most Premium Diets for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchilla, Hamsters and Rats.  These “Non-GMO” formulas are the best you can possibly give your small friends!

Oxbow Garden Select Fortified Diets

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  • Bergan Products
  • Ethical Products Spot
  • Ethical Products / Fashion Pet
  • Oxbow Animal Health
  • Treat Planet
  • Bio-Groom Natural Pet Care Products
  • earthbath
  • Horsemen's Pride
  • Jolly Pets
  • Fluker Laboratories
  • HomeoPet Natural Solution Products - homeopathic pet remedies
  • Petabis™ Organics
  • Pet Factory - Rawhide Treats
  • Boss Dog Brands
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